The story of Half Price Tees begins in the small ski resort town of Taos, New Mexico.  

Our Durango retail store started as part of a chain of locations across the U.S. Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions.  The parent company, T-Shirt Purveyors, owned and operated five Half Price Tees retail stores in Taos, Flagstaff, Arizona, Sedona, Arizona, Aspen, Colorado, and Durango, Colorado. They also owned and operated a screen print and embroidery factory in Taos that supplied the five stores as well as other wholesale customers.

In the late 1990's, T-Shirt Purveyors decided to sell the Half Price Tees stores to individual buyers.  The Durango store was purchased in 1999 and came under current ownership in 2004.  It is the only Half Price Tees store out of the original five still in operation. 

In 2004, Half Price Tees began to offer full service embroidery, screen print, and graphic design services to wholesale clients through their newly created division, Durango Embroidery & Print. 

On February 22, 2008, a devasting block fire completely destroyed our Durango location along with two neighboring businesses.  Despite losing everything, we quickly relocated to a temporary location and delivered a custom screen print job to a client just seven days after the fire - still on time.  We reopened our retail store in that temporary location on May 1, 2008.

We were able to move back into our original location on April 19, 2009 after a complete building reconstruction and unbelivable support from the Durango community.  We continue to expand our operations and thrive thanks to our loyal customers and supporters.